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 I'm still alive.

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PostSubject: I'm still alive.   Tue Apr 28, 2009 11:29 pm

Yes I didn't die and yes this place still exists. Enjoy it while you can you limey bastards, because I'm going to be posting on here for the next few weeks whether you do or not. Also, remember the old forum? Yeah, apparently Jon Foster got on in February and made a solitary post about how he missed the good old days.

Then I cried.

So what's going to be happening and why am I writing this considering no one is going to read it? Well, I'm going to be bringing back the adventures or our intrepid hero alternate selves and I'll be buying a custom domain name in the next few months.

That's about it really, so check back for the comic and I'll email you all. Fuck it, I'm copy pasting this to the mass emailer.
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I'm still alive.
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